Smart Market Access

Our corporate approach of “Smart Market Access” represents our claim of being able to give institutional investors a direct market overview of attractive assets, and simultaneously offer national and international product providers an effective means of marketing. The market for unlisted capital market products was previously only characterised by personal relationships between issuers, banks and institutional investors, making it difficult for market participants to market and provide information on attractive products. This is precisely where our information and decision-making portal comes in. 

Key Investors pursues a unique approach of providing a closed group of users with detailed information on capital market products from the primary and secondary market. We are not only aimed at issuers, banks and debtors, but also at large institutional investors who are restructuring their existing portfolio and wanting to relaunch so-called used items on the market.

As a neutral intermediary between the product providers and institutional investors, we use our core competencies in a dynamically changing market environment to focus on the innovative development and creation of our central information and decision-making portal. Shaped by changing requirements regarding risk willingness, investment categories and preferred durations, there tends to be more restructuring within existing portfolios. This is traditionally associated with greater pressures – both for issuers and for institutional investors. Our information and decision-making portal is the intelligent solution to this problem. We optimise sales costs and reduce time spent.