Key Investors at a glance

Key Investors is the new information and decision-making portal for institutional investors. Specialising in the four asset categories of Fixed Income, Funds, Holdings and Alternative Investments, we particularly offer insurance companies, pension funds and death benefit funds easy access to attractive products provided by national and international issuers, debtors and banks. In doing so, we focus on unlisted capital market products from the primary and secondary market.

Effective market access

Our convenient process enables product providers to easily address an attractive group of investors, while institutional investors gain an extensive market overview of interesting assets through our intelligent information and decision-making portal, and are always able to identify and analyse the investment options suitable for their situation using effective search processes.


Key Investors acts independently from specific banks, and is always open to any product provider of the four asset categories Fixed Income, Funds, Holdings and Alternative Investments.

Neutral intermediary

As a neutral intermediary, we give market participants affiliated through the portal the chance to offer, search for and analyse information on attractive assets. We make it easier for institutional investors and product providers to establish contact. The actual transaction is performed exclusively outside the portal by a direct, separate contractual agreement between the product provider and investor.


Only capital market products from renowned suppliers with a robust reputation in the market are entered into our database. A rating is not mandatory, however, we work with partners to conduct a quality check, and issue the Key Investors Seal (KIS), which ensures the capital market products contained in our portal meet certain minimum requirements.

Maximum discretion

Maximum discretion is a matter of course for us. Only registered product providers and institutional investors have access to our information and decision-making portal. Personal contact always precedes Key Investors use. In this way, we ensure that all market participants meet the quality requirements and necessary standards.


The information on the capital market products is only available to registered institutional investors. The use of modern security techniques in conjunction with intelligent process controls guarantees a high level of data security. Your data is in good hands with us.