Reaching out to new investor circles

Our modern, effective information and decision-making portal enables national and international issuers, debtors and banks to reach out to new, attractive groups of investors with little additional time or effort – for capital market products from the primary and secondary market. In doing so, we’re not just aimed at classic product providers, but also at large institutional investors who are restructuring their existing portfolio and wanting to relaunch so-called used items on the market. 

Key Investors is thus the ideal addition to the existing personal sales channels of issuers, debtors and banks already active on the market. We make it easier for international product providers wanting to establish themselves on the German capital market to gain access to a broad group of investors. Our portal is more than just an alternative to time-intensive individual approaches or cost-intensive group events. Key Investors stands for affordable product marketing with low coverage waste. We always know what institutional investors are focused on. With our extensive, anonymised feedback options, product providers can, if desired, be given the opportunity to systematically analyse their own product attractiveness and optimise it by building on these results. 

Advantages for product providers

  •  Effective addressing of new investor groups
  •  Affordable product marketing
  •  Low coverage waste
  •  Options for feedback on product attractiveness

Interested in Key Investors and want to register? Contact us; we look forward to hearing from you.