Key Investors goes online with portal for institutional investors


Düsseldorf, August 22, 2012 | Yesterday Key Investors GmbH started up its internet portal for institutional investors. Michael Kempkes, partner of Key Investors GmbH, explained that the central idea of the information and decision-making portal is to "... help institutional investors to maintain a clear view of the overwhelming selection of investment possibilities". Under, institutional investors can look actively, without commitment, and anonymously for assets from the most diverse asset classes such as fixed income, funds, real estate, equities, and alternative investments. 

The functionalities were especially developed for the needs of institutional investors. For instance, criteria like classification according to § 2 of the Investment Ordinance or classification according to ABV risk classes are represented. In addition to the individual search possibilities, the portal will offer a unique information source in a central location in the future with current market data, legal prescriptions, and changes to regulations. Michael Werneke, partner of Key Investors GmbH, explained the particularities of the portal as follows: "As independent and neutral provider we create transparency and provide institutional investors with the possibility to screen the market in a targeted fashion in line with their needs". 

Already at the beginning, the Düsseldorf company was able to conclude agreements with renowned providers of products especially oriented towards institutional investors for a variety of asset classes. Michael Werneke on the further perspective: "We are confident that we will be able to win additional users for our portal already in the coming days and will successively develop the product variety". 

With an agreement with the Deutsche Sterbekassenverband e.V. that allows its approximately 290 members to use the portal and further institutional investors from the areas of insurance, pension funds, and benefits plans, Key Investors has created an attractive and strong investor community from the beginning.

About Key Investors

Key Investors GmbH is the central intermediary between institutional investors and product providers. Key Investors developed the intelligent information and decision-making portal in particular for insurance companies, pension and burial funds, asset managers, and family offices to provide uncomplicated access to attractive products of national and international issuers, debtors, and banks.


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