Finding attractive assets

Key Investors offers institutional investors a unique way of obtaining information on unlisted capital market products from the most important asset categories. Attractive products from both the primary and secondary market can be found through our information and decision-making portal. Individual searches can be performed at any time thanks to intelligent search filters. A wide variety of selection criteria not only covers the basic parameters such as asset category, profit and currency, but also enables you to search by specific criteria which may result from special portfolio restrictions. For example, classification according to § 2 Para. 1 of the Investment Ordinance (AnlV) is part of our criteria. 

Detailed information is available for each asset. The institutional investor can thus fully prepare the decision-making process and make its selection. Only once this selection has been made so we advise this interest to the relevant product provider to facilitate a personal approach. We do not pass on any personal information about the institutional investors to the issuers, debtors or banks whose products feature in our information and decision-making portal. 

With intelligent search filters and simple process control, we help institutional investors minimise information costs and take the pressure off their time constraints.

Advantages for investors

  •  Easy access to attractive assets
  •  Time saved by extensive market overview
  •  Intelligent filter options
  •  Easy transaction setup

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